Hey there! I'm Aaron Broder.

I'm a first year master's student at Stanford University, studying computer science and creative writing. My interests are really all over the map, but I like systems programming, learning about how things work, and storytelling.

On campus I'm active in the intro CS section leading community. I was a section leader for four years and a small group leader for the last two, helping to train new section leaders. Now, I'm one of the three coordinators that runs the program. In addition, I used to be a member of the Stanford Mock Trial team, where I frequently pretended to be an expert in scientific fields I know little to nothing about, such as firearm safety, psycopathy, meteorology, pulmonary medicine, and the safety standards of the scuba diving industry. I also served as the vice president and organized our invitational tournament.

I love reading and writing fiction, and I particularly enjoy writing screenplays. My favorite books, games, movies, and TV shows are generally whatever I've most recently read, played, or watched, so hit me up for a conversation! I'll be happy to let you know everything - probably more than you really want to know - about whatever it is I'm currently into.

If you're interested in chatting, you can reach me on Twitter under the handle @abroder, or by email at me@abroder.net.